The Green Cleaning Coach will help you teach green cleaning to your organization

"Using Skype is a way for me teach green cleaning at schools everywhere without traveling all over the country. I will be able to interact with the students, teachers and even parents just like I was in the room with them."

Leslie Reichert
The Green Cleaning Coach


Green 4 My School

CONTACT for more information if your school, club or PTA would like Leslie to present a hands-on fun, green cleaning lesson through skype to kick off E-cloth fundraiser.


Leslie’s warm and energetic workshops and training sessions serve to improve awareness with simple steps that make a home safer for everyone. Her speaking skills put a room in an enthusiastic and open frame of mind about "thinking green". Clients such as National Grid, Mass Maritime Academy and Massachusetts Audubon Society have used her material to help remove toxins in the home and the work place.

Leslie Reichert, The Cleaning Coach and author of the Joy of Green Cleaning is a nationally-recognized green expert dedicated to educating people on how to clean green. She has seen firsthand, scores of parents who fight a daily battle with asthma and allergies, which many believe are caused by using harsh chemicals in the home. Leslie, in association with Green 4 My School, has been reaching a younger audience, teaching kids a very memorable science and economics lesson in green cleaning.