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"e-cloth video by Ben Cormier, student grade 6"

All I can say is OH MY G-D!!!!  I just used the cloths to clean up my kitchen--we had 22 people here for Passover last night.  I am in shock. They are completely amazing.  They cleaned my counters and all my stainless steel appliances like it was nothing.   Thank you

Dana Ravech
Medfield , MA

"I was looking for a good green fundraising project for my daughter's school.  Although I was skeptical about E-cloth before using it, I still kept an open mind and tried it.  After using the E-cloth Kitchen Pack, I couldn't be more impressed with the effectiveness of this product.  One evening I went on a cleaning frenzy and was able to clean even out-of-the-way areas of my kitchen that hadn't been cleaned for a long time.  Also, as I continue to learn more and more about healthier and safer ways to clean, using just water and E-cloth is surpassing my expectations.  Additionally, the representatives who have been helping me, Maria Rynne Peterson (Green4MySchool) and Al Coviello (E-cloth), have been exceptional.  Thanks Maria and Al!"

Laura Jimenez
Young Women's Preparatory Academy

The E-cloth did an excellent job cleaning desks that are probably 30+ years old. I'm not sure if they have ever been as clean!

John Roix ,Teacher
Whitinsville , MA

“I simply LOVE the E-cloth! I am amazed to see how my glass and mirrors shine.  This is a must have and a great present for friends and family.”

Luz Castillo
Miami , FL

I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and they LOVED using E-cloth. They went around the house cleaning everything from windows to the kitchen table and chairs. It was so great because I knew that they were safe because they were not using any chemicals...just water and E-cloths! My windows and table have never looked cleaner and I didn't even do it... my kids did it!!! These E-cloths really do work! So I took the cloths into school to show to my 5th grade class. Their desks were very, very dirty...so I took the green E-cloth sprayed only water on the desk and with little effort the desk looked brand new!!! My students were amazed...they couldn't believe that there were no chemicals. I explained to them how the Ecloth worked and they all want one! Their desks are sparkling clean, yes...less germs!!! The best part is the whole room didn't smell like chemicals and now we can work in a cleaner safer environment. Thanks

Mrs. Jenkins 5th grade teacher
Whitinsville , MA

Fundraising with Green 4 My School was so simple - it almost ran by itself! We saved so much time with the online ordering system. How fabulous to receive profit checks in the mail throughout the year.


OH MY GOSH!!!!!! The E-cloths are fabulous!!!  I can't stop !!!  I have so many windows  in my house (all with multiple panes!). My stainless ovens look great too! I am a believer!

Meryl Rose
Swampscott , MA

I always struggled to keep my white board clean. I could never seem to get all the marker off and it always looked dull. The E-cloth has solved that problem for me! Now my white boards look brand new!

Molly Dunne, teacher
Marblehead , MA

I've been using the e-cloths at home and, because they work so well, I only clean with water now!  I had one of my students use the e-cloth to clean desks and was amazed at the amount of dirt it removed!  The desks look just as clean as when I used chemical cleaners except only water was used!  Chemical free cleaning can be just as effective as traditional methods.

Erin Mercier, Grade 7 science teacher
Northbridge Middle School

I teach at Northbridge Middle School (Math) and love using your E-cloths. In the classroom, they are great to wipe down desks after using dry eraseboards.  At home, they are wonderful for cleaning my stainless appliances (no streaking) and general cooking clean up.  Also I painted our sunroom and the E cloths are great for getting paint drops off of hard wood flooring.

Marianne B. Malone , MA

I love the E cloth. It's so much better than the ordinary cloth wipes I use - I am eco-friendly and discourage the kids to use paper towels whenever possible. As for the windows, it's amazing! I took one home to show my husband (he is really fussy about having clean windows) and even he was impressed! I also really like that you don't have to use any cleaning products with it.Thanks again for your help and for those wonderful E-cloths.

Dominique Dart , Art Teacher
Marblehead , MA

I have tried the E-Cloth in my classroom and at home.  I was impressed by both uses. It cleaned the desks fabulously.  At home, I have used the finer cloth on my glass tabletop and windows and it did a great job without leaving streaks.  I've recommended it to friends and they have had the same positive results. Thank you for introducing this great product to me.  It reduces the amount of chemicals I use and works wonderfully.

Nancy , teacher , MA

The e-cloth is great for a science classroom. I have used it for lab. table clean up, drying lab glassware and now cleaning the chicken tank. Thanks                                                                                                                                          

Gayle Nealon - Gr. 6 teacher
Whitinsville , MA

Thank you E-cloth. I have used the cloth in my science labs to clean up and have stopped using the toxic cleaners that I normally use. Students are amazed at how well they work and even commented when I used a toxic cleaner instead of E-cloth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Kathy Rheaume 7th grade teacher
Northbridge Middle School , MA

“I tried the E-cloth and think it is great!  My stainless steel kitchen sink was left spotless with no streaks.  I plan to buy a few for myself and my mom.”

Carmen Cantero
Miami , FL

I have used the E-cloth in both my classroom and at my house.  In my classroom, I cleaned all of my desks with the e-cloth.  I could not believe how clean the desks were.  My students were also amazed.  I also used it at my house it was great to use on all surface areas!  I was very pleased with the e-cloth and I have told many people about them!  Thanks

Jaime Skillen teacher , MA

I love the e-cloth.  I had the students wash their desks with it and the difference was amazing!  The students were very impressed.  It was like magic!

Tracy Spadaro Grade 5 Science teacher
Northbridge Middle School

The e-cloth is great for a science classroom. I have used it for lab. table clean up, drying lab glassware and now cleaning the chicken tank. Thanks

Gayle Nealon, teacher
Whitinsville , MA