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E-care kit

E-care Kit

A gift of green for any occasion! Developed for Swedish hospitals, E-cloth and just water provides exceptional cleaning power without chemicals and wasteful paper towels. Simply a better choice for your health, your wallet and the environment. Machine or boil wash up to 300 times, tumble or line dry. Ecloths will last for many years. With FREE shipping and money back guarantee, you have nothing to loose .... but dirt, chemicals and landfill waste!

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What's in the E-care kit?

20" x 16" Glass & Polishing cloth
Cleans and polishes all hard surfaces with just water and leaves them shiny, lint-free and streak-free.
Great on windows, mirrors, stainless steel.

12.5"x12.5" General Purpose Cloth
A workhorse cloth that removes dirt, grime, grease, and bacteria with just water! Thick fibers and wedgeshape
construction gives extraordinary cleaning power & rapid absorbency, to handle the heaviest
cleaning jobs.

Water Atomizer
Durable with superior pump mechanism that produces a powerful mist to work with E-cloths and last for
years. And because it never holds anything but water, it is handy to squirt kid's sticky hands in the car or
mist plants at home.

8"x12" Storage Bag
Mesh bag that provides handy storage for E-cloth and atomizer when on the go and then doubles as a
laundry bag to keep E-cloth fibers lint free in washer & drier.