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LEARNING, EARNING and TURNING GREEN. We provide educational resources, flexible programs and E-cloth® fundraising products which raise awareness and nudge people into making greener choices that will help the school and planet.

PROFITABLE. Earns 40% profit for schools! No risk. No upfront or minimum purchase requirements AND a variety of E-cloth products available from $4.98 and up.

E-Cloth E-Care Kit E-Cloth E-Care Kit

ON THE GO, AT HOME OR IN THE CLASSROOM! Clean without chemicals or wasteful paper towels! Just add water! A gift of green for any occasion!


Green 4 My School

Would your school, club or PTA like to have a lesson in green cleaning with author and educator, Leslie Reichert, The Green Cleaning Coach?

E-Cloth - Good Housekeeping

What's an E-cloth®?

Developed for Swedish hospitals, E-cloth is an award winning, eco friendly, microfiber cloth from the U.K., that cleans surfaces mechanically, not chemically, removing dirt, grease and bacteria with microscopic precision.

E-cloth Electronics Cloth is ideal for iPads!

E-cloth® and the 3 R's

REDUCE the use of paper towels & cleaners
REUSE over and over. Machine wash & dry over 300 times
RECYCLE With e-cloth®, you avoid using chemical cleaners and making waste in the first place, so you don't have to worry about disposing or recycling it later.